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So, due to circumstances entirely beyond my control, I have become SERIOUSLY addicted to not just one TV show, but SEVERAL.

It's a good thing Project Runway ended just as Heroes began, otherwise there might have been trouble. And if 24 decides to show at the same time as Heroes -- well, I don't even want to think about it.

Things I love about Heroes:
*Plot-driven, but with well-rounded, interesting characters
*Just enough mysteries to keep us hooked while still giving us enough answers to keep us satisfied. (I'm talking to you, Lost!)
*So many hot actors I don't know what to do with myself. (Seriously. Is anyone on this show NOT hot?)
*Hiro Nakamura! Need I say more?
*Graphic novels after each episode
*Hiro's in-character blog

So, this addiction needs an outlet. And I need an excuse to delay doing homework. So. I am now going to recap Hiro's storyline from the last show, with screencaps to show just how adorable this guy is.

I had a sword!Collapse )

OK, so I haven't updated forever and now I'm updating SOLELY to whine, but I feel I'm justified.

Sunday mornings I go to my grandpa's at 6:00 AM to help him get ready for church and make breakfast for him and so on.

Saturday nights my friends like to hang out and do friends-things, frequently until 1 in the morning.

So, typically on Sunday nights I get about 4-5 hours of sleep.

First of all, we saw The Prestige last night. AWESOME movie! Amazing actors! Thoughtful! Thrilling! But it is also apparently the type of movie that gives me nightmares, and that I cannot sleep for thinking about it and everything that happened. (I am a wuss, but we already knew that.)

So these dreams woke me up a couple of times during the night -- in one particular instance, I thought maybe I'd missed work (I just had that sick I-overslept feeling) and checked my cellphone, which now doubles as my clock. Nope, it was only 3:00.

At 3:15, just as I was starting to slip into another bad dream, I was awakened by all our fire alarms FREAKING OUT, giving me a heart attack. I lept from my bed and shuffled out into the hall. Immediately, the smoke detectors were silent again. I was the only one who had awoken. There was no smell of smoke, no sound, nothing suspicious, just me in the darkness of the hallway having a heart attack.

Getting to sleep after that was fun. Combatting the twin terrors of having been awoken by a fire alarm with thinking scary thoughts about the movie meant that my heart was throwing itself against the bars of my ribcage, trying to escape.

So, finally, at 5:30, I dragged myself reluctantly from bed, threw on my shoes, and went to work.

The nighttime caregiver was there, as usual, and she look at my blankly. "Didn't you change your clock?"

"It's six, isn't it? Am I late?"

"No, it's five. Daylight savings."

I felt so sad. Sad deep, deep inside. I went downstairs and just crashed on the bed there for an hour, but I'm still just seething about it. I hate daylight savings!

It was at one in the morning, and I don't like the voice, and the ending is clunky, but hey! I blew the dust off my keyboard and wrote SOMETHING! To answer three challenges, no less. :)

So I'm going to start trying to answer the weekly challenges in a slightly more weekly fashion. Whee.

Expectations, Broken, DuckCollapse )

I've just gotten really bad at updating! I think it's because every time I do I remember that I PROMISED Desert Dryad updates and I don't want to do them anymore. Well, I DO want to write one scene, the initial short story, and I'm still fascinated by the childhood of the terrible triplets. They may continue to exist in strictly childhood drabble form. :) I'm still going to write a Gideon short about his broken duck!

Life's been a little crazy on this end, but survivable. Apparently my university is actually going to let me graduate! This is lovely news.

Of course, after graduation, I have No Idea what's going on. I'm seriously just thinking about working for T-Mobile (A US cell phone company, for you furriners) as a sales rep. Not exactly something I got a college education for, and it's DEFINITELY not in my field, but it's a good company with good benefits and lots of possibility for advancing in your career. I think I'd kind of like to end up doing Human Resources kind of stuff in the end. I don't know! We'll see.

It's strange because my Number One career choice is almost entirely out of my hands. Either I start teaching part-time in January or ... I don't. So we'll see.

In other news, I totally sprained my toes today. I tripped over my laptop cord and sacrificed my feet instead of my lovely computer friend. It hurts like a MOTHER.

So, got my school all figured out and have been working a lot, but life has been pretty good with me. Except my laptop is on the fritz, so I will be purchasing a new one shortly. As soon as I decide which one to purchase.

I'm mostly just posting to rant, because I needed to.

My roommates are currently doing the uncoolest thing EVER. So, I was talking with roommate and best friend Kim about her schedule for this week, and she was all, "Well, I've saved Friday night for a date night with my boyfriend, but we'll hang out Saturday night." And so I figured she'd be up in Sandy (a town about 20 minutes away) with him. But I am a grown-up girl, and have handled Friday nights on my own before. That's fine.

So my roommate Laurel is also dating somebody pretty seriously. (Kim AND Laurel both got boyfriends basically RIGHT as I moved in. And Mejken, my third roommate, has had a boyfriend forever. THANKS, universe!) And she told me that she and HER boyfriend were going out tonight. Again, fine.

She also mentioned to me a week ago that her boyfriend has a roommate that she'd like to set me up with. And I said that I'd enjoy that, because I generally like dating. It is a thing I enjoy. And as she explained him to me, he seemed like a nice guy.

So right now, Kim, Laurel, their boyfriends, the Roommate I was supposed to be set up with, and Kim's little sister (who apparently Laurel decided to set him up with instead?) are downstairs and NOT in Sandy, making dinner for each other and then going to watch a movie.

I was invited to be a seventh-wheel tonight by Kacy, who came upstairs to say hello just as the event was starting. I drove Kim to school today, and I said, "Well, since you have school and then work and then date, I guess I'll see you tomorrow! Have a good day!" and she didn't contradict me. So when Kacy said, "Hey, me and two other couples are having a movie night tonight, want to come?" I said no thanks, thinking the event would be in Sandy and not thrilled about seventh-wheeling anyway.

I wasn't even aware Kim was home until I went downstairs to get something to eat. I was not aware they were cooking for each other. (And when I got down there, Laurel was just helping herself to the last of the chicken, but said I could have it if I really wanted. Gee, thanks, but no thanks, Laurel.)

So, I'm just pretty upset about that. It's just really high up there on the NOT COOL scale, and Kim is my BEST FRIEND. I'm pretty sure that she's not INTENDING to slight me like that, but that's pretty intense thoughtlessness. Makes me feel like a grade-A loser.


Anyway. I PROMISE I'm going to g e writing done, and just today I was struck by a Gideon story that answers THREE recent challenges. It will be called, "The Expectations of a Broken Duck."

Somehow writing that sentance down makes it seem SO MUCH less good than it sounded in my head. Well, we'll see. :)

It's true! It is so true, in fact, that now, after 2 days of working 10 hour shifts and then coming right home and moving/unpacking for eight hours each night, it is noon and I am still wearing my pajamas and I DON'T FEEL BAD.

That was the longest sentence ever.

In any case, the move was long and arduous, but I am not set up in my own new room! With my best friend in the room next to me! The biggest problem is that the room is blindingly (BLINDINGLY, I say) pink and girly. I had to go buy a pirate flag to toughen it up a little.

Of course, because I'm me, I bought the pirate flag that surrounded the skull and crossbones in a pink circle. It reads "The Pirate Republic: No Quarter Given" and there's a heart. It tickles me to no end. But there's still a skull and crossbones, so that's tough, right? Right?

I will post pictures later.

So, I'm all settled in and would very much like to go back to my habits of wasting time upon the interweb, when I discover that the wireless network here is out! I just CAME from an apartment with crappy wireless! I was excited that this place would have LESS crappy wireless! I am very annoyed. So I'm hoping that the girl in charge will be able to fix that soon, otherwise I may be a bit dead to the world for a while.

I'm also taking advantage of the fact that my favorite time waster (the internet) is out of commission to do a badly-needed fresh install on my laptop. It was behaving very badly and there was spyware that my spyware program couldn't get rid of, and it'd flip out and not work when I tried to use youTube or iTunes or anything like that. Not to mention trying to play games!

So, that's going on right now (I'm on a friend's computer) and hopefully that will all be fine. I get intensely nervous whenever I do anything to my computer. I fear that it will never work again. But hopefully it will and I'll be back and updating regularly in september. That's the plan, anyway.

Miss you all! Keep on truckin'!

So, finally, AGES after joining talechasing, I have finally answered a challenge!

I'm not particularly happy with it, but it's gotten me writing again, which seems to be the whole point. Yay for writing!

DelugeCollapse )

Oh, also:

LiveJournal Username
Who'd win a shouting contest - you, or Isaille?
How many of your beers has Nuan swiped so far?
You wish Alkior would stop talking about ...
When Lorannon tells a stupid joke, you ...
Schiri is ...
Whose side are you on, exactly?
You shall sally forth boldly, joined by the braveextd_grb_injoke
to defeat the plot hatched by Kharais andquirkybird
Unfortunately,Nuan starts to belch your national anthem
and you suffer a horrid array of Paladin jokes ...1,023
Although you are betrayed by shanra
you survive long enough tobe beaten to death by Immovan for teaching Binni bad words.
This Fun Quiz created by Alyssa at BlogQuiz.Net
Leo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Death by Immovan! So harsh!

I have to admit, though, it's funny when little children swear. I would LOVE to see Binni let loose with some cuss words. Teehee!

OK, so the game Dance Dance Revolution? The one for the nintendo? Everybody know it, right?


My feet hurt. My calves ache. But dangit, I'm GOING to beat that game on Hard before my brother comes back! (he can do it on super hard, but I'm like 50 billion times less coordinated than he is.)

So, I'm staying at my Brother's/Grandpa's place to do the night monitoring for grandpa while my brother is on vacation, and covering some of his shifts. So I am pretty busy, and then when I am not busy there is his DDR game just staring at me. Daring me to get a new high score! It is deadly.

But I SWEAR upon everything that is holy that tomorrow I'm finally going to write one of the challenges for talechasing, as I have not contributed to that community since I joined it. I am a horrible person.

But I am a horrible person who can take on Bowser in a dance competition! Bwahahahahaha ... ahem.

And it's been fun. She would've made a good college roommate -- it was fun to have her in the bed across the room, chatting while we fell asleep. Fun to jockey for room at the mirror. It's cool to be in this grown-up place where I can hang out with my mom and be friends. She's staying for the weekend, in which I will get very little studying done for my geology final. Oh well. :) It should turn out OK regardless.

Also, I went to a Turbo Kickboxing class with my SIL this morning, and I am ALREADY sore. This is not a good sign. But it meant I didn't feel guilty about the Krispy Kreme donuts I had for breakfast. Because Krispy Kreme is some good stuff.

Also, Em! (and anybody else interested) The entire archives of Bite Me! are up for free at girlamatic.com! It is most awesome.

The Sound: Eddie from Ohio - Minnesota 1945
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