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November 2006
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Sarah [userpic]
Mario DDR

OK, so the game Dance Dance Revolution? The one for the nintendo? Everybody know it, right?


My feet hurt. My calves ache. But dangit, I'm GOING to beat that game on Hard before my brother comes back! (he can do it on super hard, but I'm like 50 billion times less coordinated than he is.)

So, I'm staying at my Brother's/Grandpa's place to do the night monitoring for grandpa while my brother is on vacation, and covering some of his shifts. So I am pretty busy, and then when I am not busy there is his DDR game just staring at me. Daring me to get a new high score! It is deadly.

But I SWEAR upon everything that is holy that tomorrow I'm finally going to write one of the challenges for talechasing, as I have not contributed to that community since I joined it. I am a horrible person.

But I am a horrible person who can take on Bowser in a dance competition! Bwahahahahaha ... ahem.


Sarah! Thou hast returned! XD

Eee, I've never played that, and it's probably for the best - I am famous in the Family George for falling down a full flight of stairs headfirst and sliding on my belly into the kitchen. But I do adore Mario. He has such a great attitude to life and lasagne. (Bowser is also way cute, though. Mario Party Bowser! ^o^)

But yes! You must challenge! The talechasing drabbles are also a horribly addictive thing *twitches*. I wouldn't feel too bad about being sucked in by a game, though ... if I disappear for a time in December, it'll no doubt be because I'm smiting some serious new Hyrulian evil O:D