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November 2006
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Sarah [userpic]
Still Alive

So, got my school all figured out and have been working a lot, but life has been pretty good with me. Except my laptop is on the fritz, so I will be purchasing a new one shortly. As soon as I decide which one to purchase.

I'm mostly just posting to rant, because I needed to.

My roommates are currently doing the uncoolest thing EVER. So, I was talking with roommate and best friend Kim about her schedule for this week, and she was all, "Well, I've saved Friday night for a date night with my boyfriend, but we'll hang out Saturday night." And so I figured she'd be up in Sandy (a town about 20 minutes away) with him. But I am a grown-up girl, and have handled Friday nights on my own before. That's fine.

So my roommate Laurel is also dating somebody pretty seriously. (Kim AND Laurel both got boyfriends basically RIGHT as I moved in. And Mejken, my third roommate, has had a boyfriend forever. THANKS, universe!) And she told me that she and HER boyfriend were going out tonight. Again, fine.

She also mentioned to me a week ago that her boyfriend has a roommate that she'd like to set me up with. And I said that I'd enjoy that, because I generally like dating. It is a thing I enjoy. And as she explained him to me, he seemed like a nice guy.

So right now, Kim, Laurel, their boyfriends, the Roommate I was supposed to be set up with, and Kim's little sister (who apparently Laurel decided to set him up with instead?) are downstairs and NOT in Sandy, making dinner for each other and then going to watch a movie.

I was invited to be a seventh-wheel tonight by Kacy, who came upstairs to say hello just as the event was starting. I drove Kim to school today, and I said, "Well, since you have school and then work and then date, I guess I'll see you tomorrow! Have a good day!" and she didn't contradict me. So when Kacy said, "Hey, me and two other couples are having a movie night tonight, want to come?" I said no thanks, thinking the event would be in Sandy and not thrilled about seventh-wheeling anyway.

I wasn't even aware Kim was home until I went downstairs to get something to eat. I was not aware they were cooking for each other. (And when I got down there, Laurel was just helping herself to the last of the chicken, but said I could have it if I really wanted. Gee, thanks, but no thanks, Laurel.)

So, I'm just pretty upset about that. It's just really high up there on the NOT COOL scale, and Kim is my BEST FRIEND. I'm pretty sure that she's not INTENDING to slight me like that, but that's pretty intense thoughtlessness. Makes me feel like a grade-A loser.


Anyway. I PROMISE I'm going to g e writing done, and just today I was struck by a Gideon story that answers THREE recent challenges. It will be called, "The Expectations of a Broken Duck."

Somehow writing that sentance down makes it seem SO MUCH less good than it sounded in my head. Well, we'll see. :)