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November 2006
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Sarah [userpic]
Daylight Savings Time: Pirate Hooker

OK, so I haven't updated forever and now I'm updating SOLELY to whine, but I feel I'm justified.

Sunday mornings I go to my grandpa's at 6:00 AM to help him get ready for church and make breakfast for him and so on.

Saturday nights my friends like to hang out and do friends-things, frequently until 1 in the morning.

So, typically on Sunday nights I get about 4-5 hours of sleep.

First of all, we saw The Prestige last night. AWESOME movie! Amazing actors! Thoughtful! Thrilling! But it is also apparently the type of movie that gives me nightmares, and that I cannot sleep for thinking about it and everything that happened. (I am a wuss, but we already knew that.)

So these dreams woke me up a couple of times during the night -- in one particular instance, I thought maybe I'd missed work (I just had that sick I-overslept feeling) and checked my cellphone, which now doubles as my clock. Nope, it was only 3:00.

At 3:15, just as I was starting to slip into another bad dream, I was awakened by all our fire alarms FREAKING OUT, giving me a heart attack. I lept from my bed and shuffled out into the hall. Immediately, the smoke detectors were silent again. I was the only one who had awoken. There was no smell of smoke, no sound, nothing suspicious, just me in the darkness of the hallway having a heart attack.

Getting to sleep after that was fun. Combatting the twin terrors of having been awoken by a fire alarm with thinking scary thoughts about the movie meant that my heart was throwing itself against the bars of my ribcage, trying to escape.

So, finally, at 5:30, I dragged myself reluctantly from bed, threw on my shoes, and went to work.

The nighttime caregiver was there, as usual, and she look at my blankly. "Didn't you change your clock?"

"It's six, isn't it? Am I late?"

"No, it's five. Daylight savings."

I felt so sad. Sad deep, deep inside. I went downstairs and just crashed on the bed there for an hour, but I'm still just seething about it. I hate daylight savings!


Ick! *hugs* That's horrid. Daylight savings is an evil, evil invention and the rest of the world should do as the Japanese did when they tried to introduce it -- get rid of it because it's inconvenient. If ever something was invented to completely disorient people... Ngnnn... Death to daylight savings!

(Does it have some cheering effect if I tell you that I completely forgot about daylight savings as well until you posted this?)

I share your pain. We've been suffering through daylight savings for a month here. We haaaates it ... though it is funny when we forgets it and wakes our sister at 6am, muahaha ...