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November 2006
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Sarah [userpic]
Heroes, screencapalooza!

So, due to circumstances entirely beyond my control, I have become SERIOUSLY addicted to not just one TV show, but SEVERAL.

It's a good thing Project Runway ended just as Heroes began, otherwise there might have been trouble. And if 24 decides to show at the same time as Heroes -- well, I don't even want to think about it.

Things I love about Heroes:
*Plot-driven, but with well-rounded, interesting characters
*Just enough mysteries to keep us hooked while still giving us enough answers to keep us satisfied. (I'm talking to you, Lost!)
*So many hot actors I don't know what to do with myself. (Seriously. Is anyone on this show NOT hot?)
*Hiro Nakamura! Need I say more?
*Graphic novels after each episode
*Hiro's in-character blog

So, this addiction needs an outlet. And I need an excuse to delay doing homework. So. I am now going to recap Hiro's storyline from the last show, with screencaps to show just how adorable this guy is.

So, we start off the show with Hiro and Ando on the phone with Peter Petrelli. Peter tells Hiro that he received a message from Future Hiro, telling him to meet Past Hiro in New York, and to Save the Cheerleader.

He also says that Future Hiro had a sword, which Hiro thinks is just about the coolest thing EVER.

You can just feel the smugness coming off of him in waves. And he's right, Future Hiro with a sword IS extremely cool.

Ando has all kinds of questions about how this is supposed to work. How do we know which cheerleader to save? What if we get to New York and it blows up with us in it? Why didn't Future Hiro explain things better? Ando's a very sensible man.

Hiro doesn't care.

He's too busy making lightsaber noises and battling imaginary foes. I tried to get a non-blurry screencap of this, but it's impossible. The man is like a two-year old who's had too much sugar.

Hiro tries to explain once again to Ando the concept of heroic destiny, when suddenly they get cornered by Texas Hold'em and his crew. Poor Hiro! Letting Ando talk him into cheating at cards was a bad move! However, they're cornered and there's not much they can do -- Texas Hold'em recruits them to cheat yet another guy at cards in order to "pay back" their debt.

So Hiro has no choice but to go along, stopping time and rearranging the hands of cards as they're dealt. It's funny, but seeing that he can stop time, you'd think he'd find the time...

... to comb his hair at some point. But seriously, how cute is he? That's just precious.

I REALLY wish I'd gotten the screencap at some point here of when Hiro picked up these pink feathery things from the room. I had no idea WHAT they were or why he was playing with them, but it was funny. Anyway.

Hiro gave Ando a straight flush, not realizing what good cards they were. Ando bets a thousand to start off with, and Hiro just drops to the ground in surprise. "Beg pardon!" Ando ducks under the table to see what the H Hiro is doing, and then spots a revolver pointed at him from under the table. He immediately stands up and says he needs to go to the bathroom, THAT SECOND.

He grabs Hiro to go with him, to the amusement of everybody at the table. "You go together?" they ask. "Yes, that's how we roll," says Ando.

While they're in the bathroom, they hear the sound of a woman coming in the room, and then the sounds of GRISLY DEATH. It's Ikin, of course, but they don't know that. Hiro tries to stop time, but Ando distracts him before he manages it. He didn't manage to save them.

And he's heartbroken, poor thing! He's been trying so hard to be a hero, and he just can't manage it!

As they go back to the car, Hiro laments the current state of affairs to Ando. What if he's just ruined everything? What if he needed to save them in order to save New York? He COULDN'T save them, so how does he expect he'll ever be able to save a whole city?

Ando, actually being wise to the whole hero-thing for once, makes the point that a heroic journey is just that: A journey. You don't start at the end. Besides, with Hiro's powers, maybe he could go back for a do-over sometime! That seems to comfort Hiro, and they start riding off in their Nissan Versa (least subtle product placement EVER) to continue their journey!

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.